We are Though Leaders in this space and we love it. We speak and write about what we are passionate about. We are always reading, studying and learning in our chosen areas.

In addition to hands on workshop facilitation for Strategic Leadership Sessions in Technology, IT and Operations, we also do Keynote Speaking in-house and at conferences.

Our Though Leadership sessions always have direct application/Case Studies and Q&A.

We cover a variety of topics spanning IT, Supply Chain, Process Design, Cost Improvement Analysis, Human Centered Design, Mobilizing Commitment, Women in STEM, and Women in Leadership.

  1. Supply Chain Optimization
  2. Procurement Relationship Design & Management
  3. Designing the Human Process Supply Chain
  4. Business Process Design
  5. Women in Leadership
  6. Mobilizing Accountability
  7. Amplifying Leadership

Past Speaking Engagements

  • Keynote at the Hilton Worldwide, Women’s Leadership Conference in Shanghai in March 2015
  • ASEAN Women in Tech: conversation with Leaders in Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines and Brunei. March 2015
  • Visiting Faculty, Advanced Leadership Program, Executive Center for Global Leadership, Tanri Abeng University, Jakarta, 2014
  • Irish Female Leaders in Silicon Valley, Hosted by ITGL at Stanford, Feb 2103
  • Guest Lecturer, University of Santa Clara, Leavey School of Business, MBA Program 2011 – 2013
  • Brainstorm BPM Conference, San Francisco, June 27-28, 2006. “Containers: A powerful way of organizing business processes.”
  • Intel/UC Davis Business Plan Competition 2001, First Place
  • IIR Institute for International Research Web Based Customer Care Conference, 1999. “Electronic Commitment Management”
  • NCHRC Annual Conference and Trade Show, 1997. Speaker. “Mobilizing Commitment in your Organization.”
  • Leinster Society of Chartered Accountants, April 1998. Keynote speaker. “A New Role for the Corporate Accountant”.
  • Emergent Executive Seminar, 1997. “Mobilizing Knowledge in Your Organization.” Featured speaker with Rick Ross, co-author of the Fifth Discipline Field book.
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business: Executive Briefing Video Programs, 1997. Corporate Culture – “Mobilizing Commitment in your Organization.”
  • University of Colorado, Profiles in American Enterprise, 1997. “Becoming a Customer for your own Future”
  • Future Strategies: Business Process Design Workshop. Lead Presenter. Two day intensive hands-on introduction to Business Process design for Senior Managers and Directors.