At bizTH!NK we have a unique perspective on what makes Cost Improvement work.

At the heart of what we do in analyzing, understanding, & designing cost improvement is the knowledge that people coordinating with each other comes first. People talk to each other, ask each other to do work, negotiate and deliver to satisfy their internal or external customer throughout the supply chain. Everything else is in support of these conversations. We rigorously design and optimize the Human Networks that are at the heart of every dynamic, innovative, responsive supply chain.

Process Design & Optimization


  • We start with the people process, not the information or paper processes.
  • The people processes are the framework for the other processes.


Ensuring Technology Support for People and Process


  • A technology landscape gives us an understanding of how your current processes are supported
  • And how your technology creates value or enables waste in your supply chain.

Training People in Optimized Processes


  • To arrive at and deliver our designs, we train cross-functional teams of technology and business people.
  • Your people have been involved in the process design so this is a natural next step for them.
  • We work to coach the team leaders and members to ensure the success of the project and program.