Adrienne Murphy

Dr. Adrienne Murphy is bizTh!nk’s COO and lead supply chain consultant.

Dr. Murphy thought leader in Supply Chain high performance business processes and practices. As a former manufacturing, finance and single number planning C-Suite executive with NEC Computer Systems Division, Adrienne delivered a 22% cost improvement on a manufacturing operations $2B supply. She transformed forecast accuracy from 45% component accuracy to 97%, and successfully implemented SAP software against a traditional 70% implementation failure rate, She received recognition for her Business Operations, Single Number Enterprise Planning, ensuring Finance, Marketing, Sales, Business Operations, Engineering & Product Life Cycle Management were all aligned with a single number to deliver market expectations.

Adrienne Murphy

Adrienne is experienced in all aspects of supply operations, materials management, purchasing, production planning, inventory management, new product development, logistics, applied business systems and integrated business process management. She is skilled in Cost Improvement, Business Process Engineering, Business Transformation Management, Business Systems Applications.

She has demonstrated leadership and innovation with the application of IT and redesigned business processes. Adrienne’s successes are highly impactful and measurable: As URocket VP Finance & Operations under Rudy Burger who went on to lead MIT Media Lab Europe, Adrienne created from ground up finance, HR, engineering and supply chain, enabling successful acquisition of URocket. She drove 43% improvement in operating profit for George Fischer the US subsidiary Signet Scientific, 200% gross profit improvement for  Murdon Inc, and 34% improvement in addressed cost basis for  SRI International.

She led in the establishment of the materials management function, strategic supplier management, supply logistics, lean manufacturing, return processes and adoption of integrated supply chain business process in manufacturing.

Dr. Murphy went on to launch her own SCM consulting practice.  She has consulted in the logistics, consumer goods, business equipment, electronics, and research industries.

Adrienne is a graduate of University College Dublin, where she received a Bachelors Degree in Policy and Statistics. She holds an MBA in LogisticsMaterialsand Supply Chain Management from Loyola Marymount University and received a Ph.D from Saybrook University in Phenomenological Psychology enabling her to drive deeply into supply chain activities as currently managed by her clients and adapting those processes to ensure the balance between the physical, supplier, financial and data supply chains are fully optimized by aligning human processes to optimize outcomes.