Improving Costs through Transparent Analytics and Your Human Network of Commitments

Rapid Opportunity Assessment

Learn how we uncover cost saving opportunities and see how you can begin the process yourself.

Implementation Coaching

Understand how we coach and enable your team to deliver themselves.

Cross-functional Training

See how the cross-functional, hands-on training and workshops can deliver results for you and your team.

Supply Chain Diversity

Let us show you how you can deliver measurable results to your business with a diversity project.

What makes your physical, supplier, and financial supply chains work is the network of human co-ordination necessary to enable execution.

While other teams excel on the software side of one of the three primary descriptors of supply chain, we excel in ensuring your human co-ordination processes are designed to translate waste reduction and value amplification into reality across all.

As battle scarred, deep implementation experts with career responsibility for measurable financial results, we fully understand the importance of deeply insightful analytics married with human centric process design to reduce waste and amplify value in supply chains. In fact, that is why we first started working together.

What our Clients and Colleagues say about us

Adrienne is an elite professional in her field. She’s also a great communicator who effectively bridges her clients with vendor, solution provider ecosystems. These among her other attributes truly foster a collaborative engagements where benefits for her clients are realized in an expedited manner, with exceptional bottom line results.
Craig Deily, BlackBox, Empowering Better Ways of Communicating
Jennifer is an accomplished professional in every respect. She brings a strong discipline of business process combined with superb leadership skills, enabling her to build and lead a high-performance team. Jennifer has an innate understanding of customer concerns and develops relationships that create mutual business value. Few people possess the ability to create vision, develop strategy and execute flawlessly…Jennifer is one of these elite individuals
Stu Schmidt, Chief Revenue Officer & Co-founder at Omnquo, inc.
I was recently engaged with Adrienne while she was serving as a consultant for a technology non-profit. Adrienne showed amazing knowledge of the company’s internal practices, procedures and politics. At first I did not realize she was a third party due to her internal knowledge. She quickly learned our solution, asked all of the deep dive questions, and was able to determine how we fit into the organization. We have successfully on-boarded her client and have outperformed based on initial expectations. Adrienne was a key piece in delivering the solution.
Mike Saxby, Vice President at Advantage Communications & Cellular Optimization
I was very fortunate to work with Adrienne on issues relating to corporate cost reduction and supplier negotiations. Her knowledge of data analysis gave us the ability to pinpoint areas of waste and other opportunities, and then strategically take action to achieve some pretty impressive cost reductions for the company. I will continue to keep Adrienne in my “back pocket” as one of my most valuable resources in all aspects of my Procurement practice. I highly recommend her for companies who are progressive and truly want to listen to reason, and trust that she “will” make a difference to shareholder value.
Stephen Daley, Senior Buyer, Spend Analyst, Indirect Spend
Adrienne is a knowledgeable & hard working professional. She knows her clients’ needs and processes and works with existing vendors very well. She also demonstrates an open mind to potential new vendors that could benefit her clients. Adrienne was instrumental in helping us understand what was required of us and handled potential conflicts in advance so we could continue moving our project forward. I would recommend Adrienne for any company that is looking to reduce business costs and need help with supply chain & vendor management.
Kevin Hunt, Carrier Services Specialist at Black Box Network Services
An engineering organization I managed was stuck in a rut and I had been recruited to turn it around. I engaged Emergent where Jennifer and her colleagues assisted me in engaging the team, shifting their ‘historical’ mindset to encompass new goals and possibilities. The materials and approach used were revolutionary. The turn around was completed ahead of time, went further than was anticipated and spurred the engineering team to achieve world class performance that delivered both significant cost savings and additional revenues within a year. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone requiring her services.
Ian Dunlop, VP Engineering, Cloud Security at Intel Security
Jennifer and her team were instrumental in helping our IT organization transform into a high performance team. She helped establish an effective, customer focused process model, which not only raised the level of efficiencies within the whole organization but also helped improve customer satisfaction.
Mir Baqar, VP, Product Solutions @ Xtime
Jennifer is truly a thought-leader in business process design and the creation of BPM software applications. She was also an invaluable resource in helping to design the Process Owner Community training program for GreenPoint Mortgage using the principles of commitment-based management. Jennifer brings an optimistic outlook to all business challenges, and she is a wonderful coach and collaborator.
Chet Amborn, Project Manager / Business Process Analyst at Windsor Solutions